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MAR 2017

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based metal fabricator.) To do well on Sunday, he insisted, you have to be out on the lake on Friday and Saturday, testing the waters. "at's how the real pros make the money," Moser said. "ey're out there for two full days before the tournament, seeing where the bass are huddling and how they're eating. ey're also analyzing the weather conditions. How cold is the water? How calm? How muddy? How sunny is it out? How windy? All that will determine how the bass are acting." He said the bass are always moving around, going where the bait is. ey feed on crawdaddys, minnows, shad and the like. "If the bait goes deep, he'll go deep. If it goes up the creek, he'll go up the creek. So, when you're practicing, you're trying to figure out where the bait's going, because the bass will be with the bait." Also, he said, you spend Fridays and Saturdays reading the lake. "e lake is always changing. It's different from Friday to Sunday. Heck, it's different from morning to afternoon. If it becomes cloudy, say, you might have to change where you're setting up. at's why we have big, fast boats. At 70 miles-per-hour, I can completely change my surroundings in a heartbeat." But, he said, "If you don't go out and practice on Friday and Saturday, your chances of winning that tournament go down dramatically." SORRY, GONE FISHING ere's a cost to all that, of course. "You miss some important family dates," Moser said. "A lot of birthdays and graduations. But the guys who get the checks every week, they're practicing, putting their time in, getting in touch with what the lake's doing." Fortunately, Moser has an understanding employer. He's managing some big projects these days, involving the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville; a $2 million University of Louisville project; and the water intake system for the city of North Vernon, Ind. "I only take off on Friday for the big tournaments," he said, "the ones with prizes of $4,000, $6,000 and up. For some of the really big ones, though, I'll take off the whole week and go down and practice." 12 EXTOL SPORTS / MARCH 2017 THE ATHLETE NEXT DOOR

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